I participated in the last Pre-TGE sale on March 13, 2023, but I can't see my tokens in the DApp.

The Dapp is currently only working for tokens with a specific vesting schedule. Fully unlocked tokens without a vesting schedule will be sent to you later this week. We had a minor bug on the launch site that caused this issue, but it was resolved, and you will get your token distribution in the coming days.

How can I get my tokens on Mintlayer mainnet?

If you have not opted to receive tokens on the Ethereum network, your tokens will be made available on the launch of the Mintlayer mainnet (estimated Q3, 2023). All tokens subject to vesting have already begun, regardless of network. Prior to release of the mainnet, the launch site will be used to collect addresses and we will have a token migration event to move tokens from ETH to the Mintlayer mainnet.

I can not access the DApp.

We are aware of persisting issues with wallet connections. Only whitelisted addresses can access the DApp.

Check the token generation page and whitelisted address. This address must match the wallet you are trying to connect with. If the whitelisted address and the wallet are the same and you are still unable to access the DApp, please send us a ticket.

Why are some tokens subject to vesting?

Mintlayer is a long-term project. In order to maintain the health of the project and growth of ML tokens, certain tokens are subject to a vesting period.

ML Airdrop campaigns on the launch site are Type 5 Vesting. ML are locked until 4 months have passed since the day the Company will issue and distribute, through a token generation event ("TGE"), all the ML. Then ML unlock 2% monthly over 10 months, then 4% over 20 months (the "Vesting Period"). Refer to point 1.7 in the terms and conditions.

Learn about the different token vesting schedules in our documentation.

Am I able to update my ETH address?

We have finalized the collection of ETH addresses and now are unable to make any changes.

If you have passed KYC, you should be eligible to receive your tokens during the launch of Mintlayer mainnet. If you have yet to complete KYC, you will be able to do so soon once we recommence KYC processing.

If none of the above scenarios fit your specific issue, please follow this link and open a ticket with our support team.

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